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Our Story.

Polka Dog Bakery is our tribute to Pearl. Found as a stray outside San Juan, Puerto Rico, Pearl had only one eye, which gave her the funny habit of dancing her head from side to side whenever she stopped to say hello.

She did a little sort of polka to everyone she met. So Pearl became the Polka Dog, and danced her way into people?s hearts. Hard living had left our gem in need of a little extra nurturing, and to spoil her properly, we took to baking her gourmet treats.

We used the finest ingredients we could find, mixed and matched different recipes, and baked a little love in every bite. And the polka dog bakery was born. We still use the finest ingredients, and bake and prepare all our delicacies by hand. We now offer these treats to you, for your own four-legged diamond in the rough.

What We Believe.

At Polkadog we?re all about doing things the right way. That means making our handmade treats from scratch every day in our South Boston kitchen. That means using locally sourced ingredients from our network of neighborhood suppliers. That means not cutting corners and not outsourcing anything, ever. Freshness. Quality ingredients. Control of operations.

We do all this because it?s what we love and what we believe in. Polkadog Bakery was founded with a simple wish to make the best treats we could for a great dog that definitely deserved it.

We think your dog deserves it, too. Come. Sit. Enjoy the best dog treats on the planet.


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Rob Van Sickle

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